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For script samples, visit NPX.

10 Minute Plays

Medagán - Frank's sense of identity is tested when his little brother, Dino, questions their heritage, God, and Dean Martin.  Produced during The Theater Project's Think Fast festival, spring 2019.  Pictures below.


The First Thanksgiving - Conceived during PlayPenn's 2019 bake-off. Writers were given 3 hours to write and rehearse a piece based on surprise prompts.

One Act Plays

Chakra Drama - At the end of a meditation exercise, a group of young actors discovers their classmate, Debbie, is dead.  This short whodunit was produced by Point Park University's student company, spring 2014.

O.F.F.I.L. - Roy discovers his wife is dating a young person named Carter.  Lights up on Carter: bloody and tied to a chair.  Only fools fall in love.

Scripts In Progress

God the Fry Cook - A modern-day Jesus struggles with his dead-end job in fast-food. (Full length)


Advanced Directive - Marie has Alzheimer's, but her son Tom seems to make that go away.  But Tom will go home soon, so Marie asks him to make her go away.  (Full length)

Murder, She Sang! - A play with music.  Two friends adapt a classic television show into a Broadway hit, starring the infamous Angela Hansbury!  (Full length)

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